In Dubrovnik, Croatia, from September 24th to 29th, the 18th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems (SDEWES 2023) convened over 600 scientists, researchers and experts from 58 countries. This conference is a hub for sharing knowledge about methods, policies, and technologies that support sustainability by separating growth from resource use and moving toward a knowledge-based economy.

During the conference, Paolo Colbertaldo and Marco Ficili, representing Politecnico di Milano, an OUTFOX project partner, presented their research on using Solid Oxide Electrolysers (SOEL) to produce hydrogen. Their poster, titled “Hydrogen Production Using Solid Oxide Electrolysis as a Flexibility Option for Nuclear Power Plants“, explored the integration of hydrogen production into nuclear power plants.

Hydrogen, known for its adaptability and eco-friendliness, has gained prominence in the global energy sector. Despite the stability and low carbon emissions of nuclear power plants, ensuring a consistent power supply during peak demand remains a challenge. The integration of hydrogen production through SOEL offers a transformative solution to this predicament.

SOEL, a central focus of the OUTFOX project, efficiently convert electrical energy into hydrogen. In contrast to conventional hydrogen production methods, such as steam methane reforming, SOEL offer a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. OUTFOX’s primary goal is to remove scale as a limiting factor in the deployment of SOEL technologies while demonstrating their potential to become the preferred option for green hydrogen production.

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