Optimised Up-Scaled Technology for Next-Generation Solid Oxide Electrolysis

The main aim of OUTFOX is to remove scale as limiting factor in the deployment of SOEL technologies, while proving their potential to become the preferred option for green hydrogen production.



0 %
Less critical raw materials needed for the same H2 production output
0 -fold
Increase in maximum feasible SOEL cell size
0 %
Reduction in required capital investment for Solid-oxide electrolyzers
$ M
Market value for European companies and 1000s of new jobs

project objectives

Scaled up cells for SOEL

Manufacture scaled-up cells with areas up to 900 cm2, representing a 2-6 times boost in cell area, with performance validated in short stacks with > 0.85 A/cm2 current density and over 6000 hours operating time.

Design and validation

Use techno-economic analysis and simulations to design and validate a stack architecture that is compatible with low-cost manufacturing techniques and increases power capacity 8-fold per stack interface.

Manufacturing technology

Develop an industrial scale, high throughput manufacturing process to produce ≥300 cm2 cells with a reduced thickness of 300 microns and minimal total thickness variation < 25 microns.

Demonstration at 80 kW scale

Build and operate two 80 kW pilot modules for 4000+ total hours to show achievement of performance targets at larger scales and with operation under intermittent and other industrial operating regimes.

Reduction in Levelized Cost of H2

Demonstrate the impact of the SOEL technology scalability and potential to achieve an LCoH of €2.7/kg with comprehensive process evaluationand set up of follow-up projects for multi-MW SOEL demonstration.

Improved environmental impact

Demonstrate the circularity, safety and sustainability of the stacks and components via a comprehensive life cycle analysis of relevant materials and processes, with designs focused on improved industrial usability.